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Thrilling Romantic Suspense & Paranormal Books

Based in St. Augustine, Florida, Margot Justes writes amazing romantic suspense and romantic mystery books.
Visit her Amazon store for more details. You won’t want to put down her suspenseful novels.

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Title: Hotel in Paris
E-book and Paperback
Genre: Romance, Mystery
At a professional and emotional crossroad in her life, Minola Grey, an American painter decides that a trip to Paris is just what she needs to re-capture her muse. Soon after her arrival, a murder in the hotel disrupts her peaceful contemplation.
Quick on the case is Interpol Captain Peter Riley, who suspects Minola of holding the oldest profession known to man. Despite his rudeness and hostility, the gratuitous loss of life impacts her deeply and forces her to take action.
With an eye for details, Minola's ability to observe the casual occurrences of every day life instilled in her as an artist, and her equally impressive talent to putting it on paper could help bring the case to closure.
But when the murderer realizes she knows too much, can Peter Riley keep her safe?Top of page

Title: A Hotel in Bath

E-book and Paperback
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Artist Minola Grey and Peter Riley plan a holiday in Bath, upon their arrival in London, Peter is dealt a blow. An old friend had been murdered and Minola's life is threatened if she travels to Bath. Minola's notoriety as a result of her recent Paris adventures and her keen sense of observation made her a threat to the intrigues in the art world of Bath. Peter must decide what to do, share everything with the love of his life or withhold pertinent information to keep her safe? When Minola is almost run-over, the threat becomes very real and Peter's terror for her safety decides for him. He asks her to remain in London. Contemplating Peter's strange behavior forces Minola to re-evaluate their relationship, and she decides to go to Bath alone. Why was Madeleine Sutton murdered? How is the art world involved? Why did she travel to the South Pacific? And why was an art shipment bound for the Sutton gallery stolen and the driver left for dead? Minola, now in the thick of the investigation attempts to regain a footing in her relationship with Peter, while he's struggling to keep his distance. Can she forgive him his wrenching denial? Can the danger they face be overcome by their abiding love? Or will it tear them apart? Top of page

Title: A Hotel in Venice
Genre: Romance, Mystery
A romantic gondola ride on the Grand Canal, a shimmer reflected in the moonlit night, and the beginning of murder and mayhem for Minola Grey and Peter Riley. Minola Grey and her fiancé Peter Riley travel to Venice for a romantic wedding surrounded by their friends. However, a romantic Grand Canal gondola ride embroils the couple in a conspiracy as mysterious and mystifying as the city itself. Here, Minola’s notoriety and powers of observation make her a target of someone’s sinister machinations. Worse, the murderer seems to want to undermine and destroy her relationship with Peter. When an old friend asks for help finding a missing Master Glassblower and art he’d created, Minola cannot refuse. Yet, in the thick of the investigation, she must be careful. Her very involvement may heighten the threat against her and Peter, making them the next targets. Unfortunately, Minola has never been able to resist a friend in need. Why were Master Glassblower Julio Divini’s glass daggers stolen in the first place? What secrets have been hidden in century old traditions? And will Peter be able to share his own secrets with his future bride? Most importantly, will the wedding happen as Minola and Peter plan… Or not at all? Top of page

Title: A Fire Within
E-book and Paperback coming soon
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Art is her world…
Gallery owner Rebecca Standish's life has finally returned to the calm and orderly existence that she prefers… until a charred body threatens her hard earned sense of well-being once again.
Protecting is his M-O…
Chicago Firefighter Kirk Adams has made plenty of mistakes, but he regrets losing Rebecca most. When he learns her life is in danger, he'll do anything to protect her—including facing the fires of a woman scorned head-on.
Flames of revenge burn hottest…
After the victim's identity is revealed, Rebecca is under attack. Kirk has little time to discover the identity of the murderer before he strikes again. And the love of his life is the next victim.
Can Kirk defend Rebecca from a killer bent on fiery revenge?Top of page

Title:Blood Art
E-book and Paperback
Genre: Paranormal
On a whim, as if by magic, Devane came to Chicago in the dead of winter. What she finds in the windy city alters her life for eternity. 
Vampire Nikolai Volkov, thought he’d killed his demonic tormentor. To exorcise his memory of her, he commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to paint her portrait. 
His attempt to destroy her failed, and she hid her essence in a crack in her own portrait. 
Leonardo da Vinci, the consummate professional, painted over the split in the wooden plank, and ensnared her in the painting. Mona Lisa was trapped. 
Undetected, no longer corporeal, but pure energy, the evil spirit imprisoned for centuries, obsessed by the vampire she turned, gains strength and plots her ultimate revenge. 
Now living in the twenty-first century, Nikolai knows she seeks escape. He must at all cost, protect Devane Redding from the ancient demon, who wants to possess him once again, and destroy his only chance at happiness with the sculptor he loves above all. 
Will he succeed in keeping his hard earned freedom? Can he destroy the demon before she destroys his life, and kills the one woman who matters? Will he even recognize the new corporeal entity that holds her energy? Top of page

Hotel in Paris by Margot JustesA Hotel in Paris by Margot Justes
Hotel in Paris by Margot Justes

A Hotel in Bath RONE Award Nominee
Hotel in Bath

A Hotel in Venice Hotel in Venice

A Fire WithinA Fire Within


Blood Art Blood Art

Blood Art by Margot Justes